Waterbury's Softball

2010, Katie's CHS jersey retiredAt Waterbury’s we offer a time tested and systematic approach to instruction. We offer a written reference manual which outlines our system of pitching: The parent can see where the student is going with the training. We are not offering short cuts! Our instruction stresses safety and mechanics while our style is proven through players’ successes and records over many years.

Katie WaterburyAt Waterbury’s, we encourage our parents to attend lessons and observe practices. Ours is a family oriented business. Our primary purpose and philosophy is to train pitchers and catchers at all ages in a joint effort with parents to promote for our youth their best possible experience in Fastpitch. We do not discriminate according to age, past playing experiences or previous coaching. We do not take a crystal ball approach to coaching based on any preconceived ability to pitch or catch. We do not leave anyone untrained that comes to us and has a sincere desire to learn. Our business was also established to do whatever we could in this sport and in our training to add to the self esteem of our young female athletes.

Bobby and Ernie ParkerThere are many popular and successful styles of pitching currently taught across the nation. Our style is most closely related to those taught for over four decades by greats such as ASA Hale of Fame pitcher, Herb Dudley, pitching coach and author of The Windmill Pitcher, Barry Sammons, and world renowned pitching coach, Ernie Parker. We offer weekly lessons in Pitching, Hitting and Catching. We also offer Clinics for League and School Teams as well as rental lanes for pitching practice. Please call 601-924-4193 for more information.